The Bobbin three stages diagram

The Design of the Bobbin

At Three Pears our aim is to help new parents by creating products that fit the needs of growing families while satisfying their passion for design.

For babies, the Bobbin is assembled as a sleek and stylish infant activity centre. Three Pears Bobble™ toys (sold separately) mix and match and attach to the Bobbin top to captivate and focus baby’s attention. Introducing new toys for every stage encourages your baby to learn new skills while improving the skills they know already. Or clear the table entirely and let your baby do their favourite thing - just take in the world around them. It’s a great way to interact with them and read their first books; older brothers and sisters love pulling up a stool to play!

As your child grows, the Bobbin has an adjustable shelf that gives you 5 height options, and it won’t take them long to learn the seat rotates to give them a 360° view.

When your child begins to toddle around simply replace the infant seat with the Pit Stop Insert™. The Bobbin makes a great table for little ones learning to walk – its heavy base makes it sturdy enough to handle leaning and pushing. And it's a handy place to put out snacks. Plus no corners on those occasional slip ups.

And once your little guy (or gal) is up and running just detach the top and flip the whole thing over. Voila - the perfect kids table! And the little height adjustable shelf lets you stow colouring essentials close at hand.

The Bobbin is designed to be a functional, beautiful and enduring addition to your home and family. It’s simple hardware, well designed details and ability to be flat packed ensures the Bobbin will be around for as long as you need it.

Age Appropriate Toys

Babies get the most enjoyment out of toys that they can use. An age appropriate toy will encourage or challenge your baby to use and improve developing skills. From birth to age two your baby is in the sensorimotor stage of development. This means that your baby’s brain growth goes from sensing (seeing, touching, tasting smelling, hearing) to reacting to what their senses tell them.

Toys that are manufactured by Three Pears Inc. are designed using criteria set out in the Nipissing District Developmental Screen (a not-for-profit organization committed to promoting optimal child development). This ensures our toys foster age appropriate development that will stimulate one or more of a baby’s senses or abilities.

In general the simpler the toy, the longer it will last. Simple toys have fewer moving parts and therefore prove more durable than more complicated toys. Simple toys also tend to be more versatile. 

We designed the Bobbin to be flexible, with our Tether Bobble you can attach your baby’s favourite toys or toys that are specifically designed to develop a skill they’re working on. We know that brain growth leads to new experiences and new experience unlock more brain growth.

Well designed toys help babies discover new things!