Made in Canada

As the 'slow goods' movement begins to gain momentum there is an increasing awareness that our culture of disposability is no longer sustainable or desirable.  At Three Pears we embrace the benefits and challenges of local manufacturing. Since starting this company we've met all kinds of local craftsmen and entrepreneurs in our neighbourhood. Building locally reflects a pride of place and sense of social stewardship that promotes everyone’s ability to be ethical consumers.


We dream of a manufacturing facility with green roofs, geothermal heating and Leed Platinum certification, but until that day we strive to be pragmatic in our mission to slow accelerating deforestation and reduce environmental degradation. By using Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified timber we ensure that the wood for our products comes from responsibly managed forests.

ASTM and Health Canada Certification

The Bobbin has been third party tested that all parts and materials used in it's construction meet or exceed the Standard Consumer Safety Performance Specifications for Stationary Activity Centres.  This list of requirements includes tests verifying lead and phthalate concentrations, as well as physical and mechanical performance, are safe for infants under 3.