Baby Angus in his new Bobbin!













The bobbin came into our lives at the perfect time.  Angus at 4.5 months was wanting to always stand and move about but the only way we could do this was by holding him.  The bobbin allows Angus to stand independently and play at the same time.  It is great being able to watch him explore the world in front of him, including standing with support that are not hands, being able to look in all directions in the room and play with the toys that he talks to non-stop.  The best part of the bobbin is that it will grow with us as a family and looks great in our house!  What more could you ask for?


My observation to the benefits of the bobbin:
- Easy to assemble
- Looks great in the room and fits the decor of our house (everyone that has entered our house has loved it!)
- Easy to clean
- Allows child to stand and interact with the world around him 
- Interactive play with the toys
- It is an activity that does not include being held, sitting or standing (they spend so much time in strollers, chairs, bed, etc.)
- Child can turn in bobbin in any direction to look at any sounds or action in the room
- The toys keep him stimulated
- The bobbin filled a void in our lives of stimulating, interactive  and independent play.

Angus' mom

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