Bobbin Triple Play Centre in Sea Legs

Easy as 1 2 3

This smart design changes from a baby play centre to a toddler activity table to a kid's table. The Bobbin comes with a reversible birch/chalkboard insert as well as moveable Tether Bobble that lets you attach your baby's favorite toys. Disassembles easily and stows neatly away until next time.

Motor Skills

360 degree rotation gives full access to toys while encouraging movement and interaction with surroundings. 5 adjustable height settings ensure an ideal fit as your baby grows.

Safe and Sound

The Bobbin sits firmly on the floor and the snug leather seat provides added comfort and support for babies beginning to sit up. The Bobbin conforms to US ASTM F2012 Standards for Stationary Activity Centers and meets or exceeds the safety standards of the Canadian Consumer Product Safety Act.

Go Green or Go Home

Formaldehyde free material and finishes, all wood responsibly harvested as certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. Made in Canada.

Change it Up

Mix and match Bobble Toys (sold separately) captivate and focus baby's attention. Introducing new toys for every stage encourages your baby to learn and improve developing skills.

Fine Tuning

Colourful Bobble Toys stimulate visual and tactile senses. Reaching and grasping develops eye-hand coordination.

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Solid maple legs with waterborne clear coat; formaldehyde free medium density fibreboard tabletop with high gloss lacquer finish; formaldehyde free medium density fibreboard shelf with waterborne lacquer finish; formaldehyde free solid maple ply base with waterborne clear coat; top grain leather seat; aluminium 360 degree turn table mechanism.


Waterborne finish is Greenguard indoor air quality certified, HAPs free, ultra-low VOC, formaldehyde/isocyanate free with outstanding clarity and UV resistance. High Gloss finish is Greenguard indoor air quality certified with a breakthrough formaldehyde free technology that provides excellent durability and self healing properties. For specific Air Quality Data for each product, VOC reports are available upon request.

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Technical Drawing

Care and Maintenance

As with any piece of wood furniture The Bobbin Triple Play Centre requires protection through regular maintenance. Bobble Toys adhere to The Bobbin Triple Play Centre through suction and require a clean surface for firm adhesion and to avoid damage to the lacquer finish. Day to day cleaning should be done by wiping with a slightly damp cloth.


When cleaning take care to avoid excessive moisture around the turntable mechanism.

Wipe up any spills immediately with a soft cloth - allowing food or liquids to sit on The Bobbin Triple Place Centre top may damage the lacquer surface.


The Bobbin Triple Play Centre is recommended for children who are able to hold their head upright unassisted and are not able to walk and climb. Approximately 3 months to 1 year.
Maximum weight 25 lbs (11.3 kg)
Maximum height 32 inches (81 cm) in height

Stationary Activity Centre Standards

The Bobbin Triple Play Centre exceeds standards set by Canada Consumer Product Safety Act (CCPSA) relevant to Toy Regulations as well as Childrens Furniture. This product conforms to US ASTM F2012 Standards for Stationary Activity Centers.

Keep in Mind

Never leave your child unattended. Always hold your child firmly when you lift him or her in and out of The Bobbin Triple Play Centre.